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[run-uh-loo-shuh n]

State of revolution within
the running community;
someone who doesn't just run,
they celebrate it. It is woven
into the fabric of their lives.

The Runolution is here!

It is in the urban cities, it is in the countryside,
It is by the water, it is in the desert,
It is in the hills, it is in the valleys,
It is on the roads, it is on the trails.

It is in enthusiasm, it is in fatigue,
It is in men, it is in women,
It is in the young, it is in the old,
It is in good days, it is in bad days.

It is in the rain, it is in the sunshine,
It is in the heat, it is in the cold,
It is in the wind, it is in the calm,
It is in the morning, it is in the evening.